A collection of beautifully illustrated scientific slides from the early 1960s, introducing atomic physics in electronic engineering. In glorious hot pink.

A5 landscape. Limited edition of 100.

The Story…
Shuffling through random items at the Mauerpark market in Berlin, I came across this cool little box of slides. The box itself was labelled ‘Atomphysik’ which sounded interesting from the get-go but I was suprised and delighted to discover inside a complete set of slides featuring scientific diagrams.

I was instantly drawn to them, not least because they were all bright pink, but also because they were clearly old (from the 1960s) but had a curious computer graphics / 3D render-like quality to them. On closer inspection though, they were in fact highly detailed hand illustrated images of particles and atoms, etc.

The design and layout was stunning, so I scanned them as soon as I got home. For the zine, I’ve presented them all in their entirety, in order and unchanged.

I’ve added a few extra pages, picking out some details that I really like which highlight the modernist graphic design quality of the images. In addition to that, to present them in their full glory, I’ve matched the colour and gorgeous saturation of the slides as seen through the light of a projector, true to their original format.

I think you’ll agree that, not only do they look great, they also give a fascinating insight into the science and technology of the time.